Julian Dik

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Product Designer

Enthusiastic designer based in Düsseldorf with 4+ years of experience in UX/UI design and coding for digital products.

Balancing business goals and user satisfaction is my goal.


Product Design

Creating products from A to Z, from research to deployment and further is one of my strengths. Combining the power of UX, UI and  coding helps me a lot while solving user problems and focusing on business goals. Modern design approaches always in mind.

Design Systems

Crafting, defining and maintaining design systems is part of my daily work. Consistency, reusability and scalability are a must for each design system. Figma components and documentations are my biggest friends for managing design systems.

User Experience

Any design decision should be justified with users in mind. With usage of user centric design, interviews, user flows and many more techniques I achieved product growth and happy customers.

Web Development

With experience in coding frontend applications I got the perfect understanding of the connection between web and designing. Giving developers clear instructions saves time and work.

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Adobe Suite


Ant Design

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Decentralized Finance

Social Media

Productivity Tools


Decentralized exchange


Product Design

inSPIRIT is a financial product provided by SpiritSwap.finance. SpiritSwap is a decentralized crypto exchange that provides several services. They went public early 2021 on the Fantom Opera blockchain. This blockchain was flourishing at this time and a lot of similar projects were created. In the crypto space it’s important to be an executor which means as a service provider you need to act fast. inSPIRIT was created to ensure more stable liquidity provided by users. The service consists of locking tokens, voting, claiming rewards and general statistics of past data. It was created in a rush without respect for a good experience to keep up with the crypto pace. Test it: https://beta.spiritswap.finance

Open project

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KYC tool


Product Design

Decentral web3 applications are completely anonymized currently. To comply with future laws, we're currently developing a decentral KYC tool to verify wallets and allow usage of such services.

Open project

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Julian Dik

Freelance UX/UI Designer

Nov 2019 - Present



Working for clients of blockchain, financial, productivity and social media domains.


Lead UX/UI Designer

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022



While leading the whole redesign of SpiritSwap I focused on reworking all user flows, unifying and simplifying features, working on consistent interactions for similar patterns. All based on research data of users and public feedback. Due to complexity of this domain I added an onboarding processes for inexperienced users which wasn’t thought of before. I crafted a design system from scratch, with rules to maintain visual consistency. As a solo designer I managed and designed UX, UI, dev communication and marketing material.

Avaco GmbH

UX/UI Designer & Frontend Developer

Oct 2019 - Jan 2022



In my double role, I maintained the design system and build new features based on requirements of customers and stakeholders. Due to my frontend role, I took care of implementing my own designs to our frontend code. Therefore, I collected a lot of experience and shifted my design process to save time and design with technological limitations for developers when handing over my designs.

Technische Hochschule Cologne

Computer science with focus on digital media - Bachelor

Oct 2015 - Feb 2021


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